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Kosuke Matsubara

Kosuke Roger Matsubara is a dual citizen of Japan and Canada, who was born and raised in Vancouver. His unfaltering competitiveness blossomed into a passion for sports that started at a young age. Kosuke picked up tennis from his brother, but especially his father, who gave Kosuke the middle name of his favorite tennis player, Roger Federer. His passion for tennis began when he was 5, and he has never looked back.


Kosuke has trained at various tennis clubs and facilities. However, his most memorable and enjoyable experiences are from learning with Summer Smash Tennis through their summer camps. Kosuke is excited at the opportunity to give back to the community and provide the next generation with the same experiences of skill building and friendship that he took for granted. He is inspired to help kindle a passion for tennis with the youth he teaches. 


Kosuke currently attends St. George’s School. He is a humble, tirelessly hard-working, multifaceted student-athlete who constantly seeks opportunities to greater his leadership skills, community involvement, and overall learning. Although he is very passionate about tennis, basketball has become his favorite sport. As an undersized athlete, he was often overlooked by many coaches and teams, but has become a crucial part of St George’s Varsity basketball program,


Kosuke hopes that he will be able to use his prior experiences with different sports and coaches to create an enjoyable, memorable, and overall fun experience for his students.


  • Tennis Canada Instructor Level 1

  • 10 years of tennis experience 

  • St George’s Varsity Tennis Team

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