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Keaton Chan

Keaton was born and raised in Vancouver.  He is a graduate of the French Immersion program at Kerrisdale Elementary.  He is currently in Grade 10 at Vancouver College.


Keaton has always been athletic.  Since he was 5, he has been active in soccer and tennis.  When he was 8, Keaton enrolled with Summer Smash.  Marshall and Spencer’s passion for tennis inspired Keaton to continue with the sport.  He has played competitive tennis for the past 3 years including participation in his high school team.  In the past couple of years, Keaton has volunteered as an assistant coach at Summer Smash and the Richmond Country Club.  He is looking forward to continue developing his coaching career at Summer Smash.


When not in school or on the tennis courts, Keaton enjoys skiing, playing basketball and hanging out with his friends.

  • Tennis Canada Instructor Level 1

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