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Genevieve Wright-Smith


Gen Wright-Smith grew up in Kerrisdale and graduated from Crofton House School. She enjoys playing tennis and has been involved in Summer Smash Tennis Camps since she was 8 years old. Throughout high school, Gen’s passion for sports flourished. She enjoys skiing, tennis, gymnastics and going to the gym.


This is Gen’s second year as a coach and she has been a volunteer coach for Summer Smash for 2 years at Kerrisdale Community Centre. Before coaching tennis, Gen started tutoring at the age of 13, and developed her love for teaching through both careers. Working with a variety of ages and personalities, both on and off the court, has further enhanced her leadership skills. Gen believes that developing a positive attitude and good sportsmanship in youth is just as crucial as technical tennis ability.


Gen hopes to pursue a career where she can make a difference in people's lives. She also works at Bufala restaurant currently and is experienced in the service industry. In her free time, Gen enjoys music, art, and hanging out with her dog and her cat.

  • Tennis Canada Instructor Level 1


  • 2 years coaching experience


  • Dogwood Diploma 2019

  • Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto (expected 2023)